Look After Your Feet And They'll Look After You

Everyone uses there feet they use them everyday and often they get little reward for taking you where ever you tell them to go. On average, someone walks around 3 miles a day. Luv Your Feet

When you are trudging around everyday most people forget that their feet could do with a bit of TLC. Start by taking your shoes of after work and put your feet on some grass outdoors in your garden or the local park. Your feet will love you for doing this as they can totally de-stress and reduce some swelling in the cool grass. Your feet are actually designed to go barefoot.  https://www.wikihow.com/Care-for-Your-Feet-and-Toenails

You don't have to suffer from foot pain try insoles for your shoes, go for well fitting shoes and don't wear the latest bad fitting shoes just for fashion sake. You could be damaging you feet very badly.
If after work your feet suffer from swelling you can reduce this by putting ice on them, either use some ice and place in a plastic bag or use a bag of frozen peas. Before placing on your feet make sure you wrap a thin towel on them before placing the ice on them.

You should soak your feet in lovely warm water everyday you can add some aromatherapy oils to the water. Add rose oil if you want to spoil yourself. Lavender if you want to invigorate yourself.

After washing your feet you need to massage them with some cream or oils pushing your thumb up gently on the sole. After finishing the bottom of the foot you need to go along the top of your foot. Don't forget to do the other foot.

Do all this and your feet will absolutely love you for it and will give you many more miles to walk without pain.